List of upcoming projects

All of the following projects are ideas in various places in production, but have not yet been named. This is a sign in my design process that tells me that it is not yet ready for full creation.

Project Suit Truckers – Carry resources from manufacturers to businesses. Uses a regular deck of cards and the four suits as resources.

Project Abstract – Two players face off on abstract grid boards to be the last man standing.

Project Bible Trivia – My attempt to make a Bible Trivia game that’s actually fun.

Project Chemistry Elements – Start off as an atom and work your way up to becoming a diamond ring.

Project Karate – Using your hands, legs, and head, attack and defend against others in this simple card game.

Project Land Purchase – Acquire land by bidding and purchasing instead of battling for it. The owner of the most land wins the game.

Project Shop Owner – Make items to sell to other players. Selling to others is more beneficial than using it yourself. Inadvertently help other players while trying to win yourself.

Project Speedrun – Attempt to get through a maze in the fewest spaces possible. Compete in real time against your opponents.

Project Turret Defender – Each player has a base with a powerful turret and must invade other players’ bases to make money and get powerful troops.

Project White Dice – Players use dice with varying shapes and values to move.