That’s Politics Baby is a Non-Partisan Parody Political Game for 3 or more players. That’s Politics, Baby! is a simple party game created in honor of the 2020 Election Cycle coming up for us here in America. It is a game where players cycle between being the Supporting or the Opposing candidates and give funny, quirky, or serious answers about an absurd political stance.

At first, I’m sure people will be triggered by making a party game about politics, but we have specifically designed this game to be non-partisan. It doesn’t matter what party you support. The only party I care about is the one where you have fun with your friends.

During the game, one player will give an opposing argument for a stance, such as making a turkey with a bazooka the national bird. Once they’re done, the other player will give a supporting argument (or not?) as to why that’s such a cool idea. The rest of the players can vote for whoever they want to, for whatever reason. Why? Because That’s Politics, Baby!

Each of the stance cards have some flavor text to try and give you an idea on what to say when its your turn. In addition, at the bottom of the card it will have the parties the approve and disprove of the stance to allow for further diversity while playing

These parties are given to each player at the start of the game and will immerse you into the that’s politics baby world.

Games will take approximately 10 minutes for each player that participates in the game. The game contains the pieces for up to 8 players, but you can have as many players as you want. It just might take a while to play.